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Malay Chinese New Year Supperclub in London

Last weekend, I had the fortunate experience of attending a Supperclub in London.  I have always heard of Supperclubs and I have always wanted to attend one, but never knew how to get involved.

A couple of months ago, I started following May’s Malaysian food blog and little did I know at the time that she held Malaysian Supperclubs walking distance from my house in SW London!  Bonus.

This weekend, she held a Malay Chinese New Year, 6 course extravaganza.  I eagerly walked there with 3 friends, a sleeping baby and a bottle of red.  This is food heaven for me and I was so very excited.

We were greeted by the very friendly Milli, were handed a gin and tonic, some homemade dumplings, met May who was very busy preparing in the kitchen and were then spoilt with the great view overlooking the Thames.  This is the life.

There were about 15 of us and most were quite inexperienced Supperclub attendees, which was reassuring.   It was such a friendly atmosphere and it really did feel like you were at a friend’s dinner party, meeting new friends.

As each course was being served, May gave us a mini explanation of each course.  As with many Asian foods, each dish had its own unique story as to why it was served for New Years.

Five hands with chopsticks, mixing a salad in the middle of the table for Malay Chinese New yearFirst up was a fresh, unmixed (I’ll explain) salad.  Raw vegetables, salmon, lots of ginger and crispy wanton-like wrappers.  We each had chopsticks and were instructed to stand up, mix the salad that was in the middle of the table and to call out what we wanted in the New Year.  Winning the lottery, being made redundant and growing hair on their bald head were some of my particular favourites.

Next up were pan-fried prawns with curry leaves and other spices.  Not too spicy at all, just subtle flavours that worked so well with the prawns and made licking your fingers afterwards a delight.

Poussin with Peanut Malay spicesOften at a New Year’s dinner a whole chicken would be served, but to add to this experience we each were given a Poussin which was cooked in a peanut sauce that is similar to the Malaysian area right near the Thailand border and as such, had a very Thai flavour.  The lemongrass really came through and it tasted great.

The main course was next – believe it not all the above were just starters to wet our appetite.  “Home-style” as May said, large bowls of each, Rice with Chinese pork sausages, Cabbage and Pineapple with chilli which was very hot and refreshing at the same time!

Green Malaysian Pandan pancakes filled with coconut and topped with vanilla ice creamDessert – green pancakes (due to the pandan leaves added) filled with palm sugar and coconut and topped with vanilla ice cream.  So simple, yet so tasty and I actually had seconds, even though I really, really didn’t need it.

All in all, we had a fantastic night.  Met some great people, including the hosts and tasted some excellent food – some of which I’ve never had before.  I know most supperclubs are in East / North London, so it was so nice having one located closer to home in South West London.  I do hope more pop up as I’ll attend another in a heartbeat.

Check out May’s Malaysian website for upcoming Supperclubs and keep an eye out for a recipe from this particular night!

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