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My mother’s frozen chocolate log

A chocolate log covered in coconutEvery time we had an unexpected visitor, my mother would always pull out these silver logs from the freezer and cut up some chocolate pieces of delight.  As a teenager, it was very difficult to ignore these silver packages in the freezer when I had a sugar craving and I often failed.  These frozen chocolates logs are a little piece of heaven.

I have actually made this batch of chocolate logs for a friend of mine who is due to give birth this week.  I hope that she will find them useful (and delicious!) with her many unexpected visitors.  As they keep in the freezer you can have them in storage for months…. if they last that long!



Chop the cherries and chocolate into relatively small pieces.

With the biscuits you can either run through a processor, or break into a plastic bag and hit / roll with a rolling pin until you have very fine pieces.

In a large bowl, mix the cherries, chocolate, biscuits, condensed milk and melted butter.  You want everything combined very well.

Divide the mixture into four and roll into long logs and then roll into the coconut so it’s covered well.

Cover each log separately with aluminium foil and freeze.  Slice when frozen and serve cold (if there is any left when your unexpected visitors arrive).

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2 Responses

  1. Trudi says:

    Yes I remember those chocolate logs and that they were often NOT there when we had visitors, much to my dismay!!

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