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Italian recipes: Rosemary Focaccia

Three large slices of rosemary focaccia on a wooden board with salt and more rosemaryI enjoy making homemade bread and focaccia, is also very easy.  Especially if you have a stand alone mixer that has a dough hook, then all the kneading can be done by the machine and the focaccia takes about 5 minutes of work.  It also only needs to rise once and for only about an hour, so compared to other bread, this is also quite quick.

Focaccia doesn’t keep very well.  It’s best to consume on the same day.  I prefer it straight out of the oven when it’s still warm and soft.  Tastes amazing.


  • 500 gr strong white flour
  • 7 gr (1 sachet) of fast yeast
  • 10 gr salt
  • 80 ml olive oil
  • about 200 to 250 ml lukewarm water
  • sea salt, fresh rosemary and more olive oil to decorate


In a large mixing bowl (or your stand up mixer bowl) add the flour, salt and yeast (keep these two separate before adding the water) and the olive oil.  Start mixing with your hands or turn the dough hook on slowly and add half of the water gradually while you keep mixing.

Continue adding the water slowly and add all the 250 ml if you can.  Knead with the dough hook for about 5 minutes or a little longer if kneading by hand on a floured surface.    You want the dough to be nice and smooth.

Either spray the large bowl with oil or sprinkle with flour and place your focaccia dough within.  Cover with cling film (plastic wrap) or a clean tea towel and allow to rise in a warm place for an hour.

Pre heat your oven to 200 C / 390 F and flour a large baking tray.

Press the focaccia dough onto the baking tray until you have a large square like shape and press you finger into the dough to make dimples roughly every 10 cm (4 inches).  Place a small amount of fresh rosemary into each dimple and sprinkle with sea salt.

Bake the focaccia in the hot oven for about 30 minutes or until golden and the base sounds hollow when tapped.  Splash some olive oil over the top of the rosemary focaccia and enjoy.


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