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The Full English Breakfast

A plate with sausages, baked beans, bacon, a fried egg and tomatoThere’s porridge, kippers and devilled kidneys but the favourite weekend breakfast in Great Britain would have to be the Full English Breakfast.
This breakfast is not something most people could have every day, as it’s quite big, but it’s great as a late brunch, especially after a late night the night before. Generally served with a big glass of orange juice and English Breakfast tea with milk.
The Full English breakfast is very easy to make it’s just about timing. Just make sure everything is prepared to start with and then cook when it’s approximately 20-30 minutes before serving time.

Serves: 2


  • 4 eggs
  • 4 Cumberland (pork) sausages
  • 4 rashes bacon
  • 2 tomatoes, sliced in half
  • Small can baked beans (small white beans in tomato sauce)
  • Black pudding, sliced (black sausages – made from pig’s blood), optional
  • 2 slices of white toast, with butter
  • Orange juice and English Breakfast tea bags, touch of milk


Best to make the tea and pour the orange juice first.
Turn on the grill, put a frypan on a medium heat, pour the baked beans into a small pan and put the toast in the toaster ready to toast.
To the frypan add the sausages, black pudding and the bacon (if you like your bacon crispy). Cook the sausages until they are nice and brown (approx, 15 min).
After the sausages have cooked for 5 minutes, put the cut tomatoes under the grill, cut side up with a small sprinkling of salt & pepper and leave to cook (approx 5 – 10 min)
After the sausages have cooked for 10 minutes, put the baked beans onto a very low heat and stir until warmed through. Warm two plates and cook the toast.
On two warmed plates, divide the cooked sausages and bacon and cooked tomato. Break in the eggs and fry in the same frypan. Depending on taste, the eggs can be cooked “sunny side up” (unturned) or they can be turned and cooked on both sides.
Butter the toast when toasted to taste. Add to the plate along with the cooked eggs. Serve immediately.
Salt & pepper shakers, tomato sauce, brown sauce, Worcestershire sauce, HP, mustard & Tabasco sauce is made available (usually in cafe’s) to add to this Full English breakfast.

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