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My Family’s recipes

My family is German Australian and my husband’s family are British South African so we cover 3 continents!  The following recipes are what I have learnt from my family and my mother in law…


Starters, side dishes and Small meals

Flammkuchen (Germany)

Very large piece of Flammkuchen on a wooden board

Kartoffelsuppe /Potato soup (Germany)

A bowl of potato soup, with frankfurters and parsley

Boerie roll (South African)

A long roll with a piece of sausage and tomato and onion sauce

Main meals

Cottage Pie (British)

Large slice of cottage pie on a white plate

Ham hock & lentil stew (German)

German lentil stew in a large cooking dish with weisswurst and ham hock

Stirum (Germany)

A bowl with stirum and a mushroom gravy


Malva pudding (South African)

A large slice of malva pudding with one scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top


Feigen Brot / fig bread (Germany)

A fig bread loaf with one slice cut off and laying in front


A single piece of baklava


ANZAC biscuits (Australian)

A glass jar full of Anzac biscuits

Bretzeln / pretzels (Germany)

3 pretzels or bretzeln on a wooden board with sea salt

Pflaumenkuchen / Plum cake (Germany)

A tray of Pflaumenkuchen or plum cake with icing sugar sprinkled over the top.

Rusks (South African)

A plate with 6 buttermilk rusk squares

Children’s parties

Fairy bread (Australian)

White bread with coloured sprinkles on top

Rocky Road (Australian)

3 squares of rocky road on a wooden board

Sausage roll (British)

3 small sausage rolls on a plate


Vanillekipferl (Germany)

A small plate of vanillekipferl, on top of more biscuits that are cooling and aren't covered with icing sugar

Kulleraugen (Germany)

Three Kulleraugen biscuits in front of a white coffee mug

Ausstecherle (Germany)

Large butterfly biscuit with 4 smaller heart shaped biscuit, decorated with sprinkles and on a grey background

Pfeffernuess (Germany)

6 small pepper biscuits piled on top of one another with a Christmas wreath in the background

Christmas fruit cake (British)

a christmas cake with lots of cherries, in a large tin

Nussplatzchen (Germany)

Three Hazelnut biscuits with a white mug in the background

Springerle (Germany)

A cake stand with 7 Springerle biscuits with Christmas table decorations in the background

Kokosflucken (Germany)

Seven coconut biscuits in a pile on a white plate



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