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Cosmopolitan cocktail

Three cocktail glasses with cosmopolitan cocktail and orange rindHappy New Year’s Eve everyone!  On special occasions I love to have a cocktail or two and along with a good martini, a Cosmopolitan cocktail is one of my favourites.

Like many, I discovered the Cosmopolitan cocktail from watching the TV show Sex and the City (I still love this show!).  In the 90’s this cocktail was everywhere and everyone was drinking it.  Then it went out of fashion for a little while and now it’s just another favourite cocktail on the bar’s menu and is cool to drink again.

It’s pretty easy to make with just a few ingredients.  I generally just mix it freehand at home and sometimes it’s too strong and sometimes it’s too weak!  But I got the exact measurements from “The bar”.

To make one cocktail


  • 50 ml vodka
  • 17.5 ml triple sec (use Grand Marnier if triple sec is hard to find)
  • 35 ml cranberry juice
  • 10 ml lime juice
  • orange zest – peeled


I like to put the cocktail glasses in the refrigerator beforehand so that they’re nice and cold.

In a cocktail shaker (or jug) add a few ice cubes.  Then add all the ingredients, excluding the orange zest.

Give the cocktail shaker a really good shake (or the ingredients in the jug, a vigorous stir).

Using a potato peeler, peel some orange zest into the bottom of the chilled cocktail glass.

Pour the cosmopolitan into the chilled cocktail glass through a strainer (to catch the ice cubes and any lime pips you may have added!).  Enjoy!

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