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The aim of the website is to explore all traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and have really lasted the test of time.

Nearly everyone has a family favourite or a favourite national dish and I hope to find as many as I can and share them here.
The goal is to have a family recipe for every country in the world. There are just short of 200 countries today – so that’s a lot of recipes!
I’m also keen to learn, when travelling to another country, what food is best to try, where is the best place to find it and what food items should we buy to take home?  Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

I started Food Wonders of the world and like many people, I adore food. From waking up Saturday morning and dreaming of all the cooking options for the day to even choosing holiday destinations based on the current interest of the cuisine, food and cooking has always been a big part of my life.

My Oma cooked amazing German food and she loved to cook for her family and friends. I adored her food. All of her recipes were in her head and nothing was written down. I’m very glad that before she passed away in 2010, I took the time to have cooking lessons with her, where I would measure everything and write it down. If I didn’t, all those amazing family recipes would have been lost. I believe it’s important to record family favourites and make sure that they are shared.
I’m quite excited at the possibility of discovering more traditional family recipes, as my family recipes are some of my favourites.
What’s yours?

I hope that you enjoy the recipes and exploring the site as much as we have creating it!  Check out the latest recipes


A picture of my Oma and I


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